Rough Cut Hard Cider Kalispell MT

Rough around the edges, smooth to the core

Rough Cut Hard Cider - Kalispell MT Tasking Room


In the Flathead Valley? Join us at Glacier Sun Winery, home of Rough Cut Cider in Kalispell MT

Rough Cut Hard Cider in Kalispell, MT


On Tap

Rough Cut Original

Rough Cut: Rough unfinished lumber, the perfect fit for our unfiltered hard cider, rough around the edges, smooth to the core. 7.6% ABV

Kiln Dried 

Kiln dried: to dry wood in an oven (kiln) to bring moisture levels down to a workable level. Cut cider aged on applewood. Crisp, Clean and dry. ABV 7% 

Flathead Blend

Community apple blend dontated by the Flathead cider fans. Crisp, light and refreshing. 4.2% ABV

Bear Food

A mix of raspberries and blackberries to sweeten you up before you hit the trail…Bears gotta eat too! 6.7% ABV

Rock Powder Rhubarb

Rock Powder: Dynamite with 60% purity for blasting rock. Rock Powder Rhubarb, like red sticks of tart dynamite blended smoothly with crisp cider. 8% ABV

Whiskey Rose*

Cider with a hint of raspberry aged in Glacier Distilling’s barrels, a bit of sweetness with a kick. 10% ABV

The Root

Sweet, light flavor of pomegranate paired with the earthy, tangy notes of ginger, goes down sooooo smooth.  6% ABV. 

Timber Tart Cherry

Timber: the call for a falling tree. Pucker up! Sweet cider crafted with tart cherries. 6.5% ABV

Hoot-nanny Huckleberry 

Hoot-nanny: a small device used to hold a crosscut saw while sawing a log from bottom up. We just like the word hoot-nanny and everyone loves Montana huckleberries. ABV 6%

Nitro Before Dawn

Cider for breakfast. Cider blended with Fieldheads Coffee Roasting Co’s cold brewed Snowed In coffee served on nitro. 6.9% ABV

Sawblad Lime Mint Seltzer 

We jumped on board with the seltzer band wagon! Our rough cut cider, flavored with lime and mint cuts the calories but delivers on flavor. Uplifting, refreshing and smooth. 5.3% ABV

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* aged in barrels, may contain trace amounts of gluten.

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